Woodsford Tradebridge

Woodsford TradeBridge work with well-run, mid-tier companies to provide supplier early payment programs on its BridgeIT early payment portal, coupled with the provision of capital to fund these programs.


The TradeBridge programs are a flexible source of working capital to its clients as well as a much needed new source of funding for clients' SME suppliers.  In addition, TradeBridge delivers other tangible benefits to its customers.  Supplier finance is a well-know source of capital for large UK corporates although TradeBridge is the first finance provider to successfully serve the UK mid-market.


To date, TradeBridge has financed over ¬£100m of supplier invoices across a range of sectors including construction, manufacturing, food, green energy and Universities.  Tradebridge grew lending volumes at over 400% between 2014/15 to 2015/16 and is continuing to grow rapidly.  The TradeBridge platform has been expanded in 2016 to incorporate a niche pharmacy lending business as well as a more traditional trade finance offering.


Woodsford Consulting both hosts the TradeBridge infrastructure and provides strategic and business advice.  Recently Woodsford Consulting helped the business negotiate and secure a transformative funding facility with a major European bank as well as negotiate a credit insurance line.