Welcome to Woodsford Consulting

Woodsford Consulting, incorporated in 1996 is a business consultancy. It also acts as the Family Office of a wealthy European family.

We advise clients across the world on a wide range of business issues with a particular expertise in the real estate and financial services sectors.  We have a team of 12 based in London.

Our major clients active in the financial services sector include Woodsford Capital Management Pte Ltd, a regulated fund manager in Singapore, specialising in evidence-based low-cost asset management strategies; Woodsford Litigation Funding, a long-established third party litigation and arbitration funder and Woodsford Tradebridge, a fast growing company offering a range of innovative working capital facilities to fund the growth of strong mid-sized UK companies.

We are always on the look-out for good business opportunities and, in particular, smaller private equity situations that we might help bring to fruition. See our Private equity criteria.

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